Planting Hanging Baskets

With hanging baskets and also blossom pouches you can illuminate a sunny wall, or with the ideal choice of plants, even include colour to those difficult unethical locations. Why not expand fresh natural herbs throughout the wintertime with an interior basket next to a bright home window!

When to grow hanging baskets and also containers

If you have a greenhouse or could provide frost protection for your plants, after that you can begin growing up baskets, flower bags as well as containers in April. Planted hanging baskets and containers can be put in a protected position outdoors throughout the day and also brought under cover at night till the threat of frost has passed.

Lining hanging baskets

The traditional mesh hanging basket is made of plastic-coated cables although solid plastic hanging baskets are readily available. Wire hanging baskets require a lining to hold in the garden compost and plants.

Growing hanging baskets

Start by placing your empty hanging basket on a pail so it is held firmly in position whilst you add the plants.

Readjust your selected liner so it fits the basket comfortably. Cut off any kind of excess product that sticks out above the rim. Making use of sharp scissors make a collection of 5cm (2 inch) slits in the sides of the basket lining to accommodate tracking plants. The pathing plants will ultimately submit and also mask the cord structure. If the basket is deep sufficient, 2 layers of slits can be placed around the basket.


Develop a garden compost mix by including 20% perlite to a multi-purpose garden compost. It is likewise a smart idea to mix in somewater-retaining granules and also slow-release fertiliser to preventbaskets drying out swiftly, as well as to feed plants with thesummer period.
Fill your basket with the garden compost mix until it is level with the first layer of slits and also delicately strong the garden compost down.

Put your pathing plants by pushing the plants ‘head-first ‘ from the in through the slits. To shield fragile young growth, attempt covering your plant loosely in polythene whilst you direct them with the holes; once the plant remains in position with the root ball resting on the garden compost and also the leaves on the outside, get rid of the polythene.

Remain to plant up until all the slits have actually been filled, and after that carefully tease out the origins of the plants. Add much more compost and also work it around the roots of the plants up until the basket isalmost complete – leave a 5cm (2 inch) void below the rim.

Plant even more pathing plants around the rim – try and also plant them so they grow between the plants listed below. Choose a bushy upright plant for the centre. Fill out around the roots with further garden compost mix; intending to maintain the dirt surface area an inch below the edge of the basket to prevent garden compost spilling out when watering.

To finish, water your hanging basket thoroughly with a fine-rose watering could and also stand it in a greenhouse to grow on. If you do not have a greenhouse and your basket includes half-hardy plants, you will certainly have to bring your basket under cover each night to safeguard the plants from frost.

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